Abledisk Article


Able Brewing Disk – aka Coava Disk

From the August 2012 issue of BeanScene Magazine

While not exactly a brewing method in its own right, the coava disk is an after-market ‘enhancement’ designed to replace Aerobie Aeropress’s paper filters. Now I should take this moment to point out that the Aeropress and its paper filters do a fantastic job at producing a clean and tasty cup of coffee and in no way need replacing. However, the Able Disk does open up the possibilities of brewing with Aeropress even further, not to mention make it an even better option for travel.
The disk is basically a thin sheet of stainless steel with precise, photochemically machined holes that allow the full oils of the extraction to migrate into the cup. The end result is a little murkier than the super clean paper filters, but I think most people would be surprised by how little sediment there actually is.
There are millions of ways to brew with the Aeropress, and even more when using the disk, so it’s hard to comment on the specific difference in flavour. However, in this instance I find the disk delivers a slightly more intense cup with more body than the usual paper filters.

To brew you’ll need:
• An Aeropress
• An Able Brewing Disk
• Ground coffee
• Boiling water

Step 1 - Boil your water and preheat everything Step 2 - Insert Able Brewing Disk

Step 3 - Grind coffee med/coarse and add into the Aeropress (here we’re adding 14 grams)

Step 4 - Pour boiling water gently (here we’re adding 210 millilitres) Step 5 - Stir gently, trying to ensure the coffee grounds continue to roll the whole time through the brew Step 6 - Add the top chamber of the Aeropress and wait 30 seconds
Step 7 - Push the piston down, expelling the brewed coffee Step 8 - Stop when you have plunged to just after the ‘1’ mark (there should still be brewed coffee remaining in the Aeropress) Step 9 - Enjoy your cup

I recommend a brewing ratio of 55 grams/litre, which in this instance equates to 12 grams of coffee and 210 millilitres of water used.

As always, try and balance grind and steep time. Because of the perforated holes you want to ensure you don’t grind your coffee too fine or you will end up with too much sediment, which will muddle the flavour and potentially choke the brew. Then plan your final plunge in time with your grind setting. If the coffee tastes thin and watery either fine up your grind a fraction, or wait longer until you plunge.

Heat disperses fairly quickly with the Aeropress so be sure to preheat everything thoroughly.

Push firmly while plunging. You want this stage to happen smoothly and rapidly. One of the big advantages here with the Able disk is that you don’t risk breaking the filter if you push too strongly.
Be sure not to plunge the whole way down. If you disregard the final part of the brew you’ll get a lot less sediment into the cup. However, if you prefer a muddier style of brew (say, like that of a French press) then pushing all the way is fine.

One last note, there really are so many different ways to utilise the Able disk with the Aeropress so I highly suggest experimenting and finding what works best for you.

Happy brewing!

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