Acaia Calibration Weight 500g

Acaia Calibration Weight 500g


Designed with the same look and feel as the Acaia scales, this weight features the Acaia logo which has been laser etched on both the top and sides.

Other features include:

- Made from Stainless steel for long term use

- Travel case include for convenience and protection

- Made to F-25 class standards means (+/-/0.0075g) accuracy


Permissible Error: +/-/0.0075g

Size: 49mm (W) x 33mm (H)

Weight: 500g x 1

Package size: 80 (W) x 42mm (H)

What's included in the box:

1 x 500g weight

1 x carry case

1ml Transfer Pipettes for use with Refractometer Kit 12mm Hose to 1/4" BSPT RV adaptor
10" Housing, 3/4" Female BSPT 10 inch inline scale 1/4fem bsp 1L Sweetbird Syrup Pump
2 litre Milk Jug