BrewOver Brewing System

BrewOver Brewing System


Reduced to Clear!

Invented and designed in Australia by the crew at Bean Green and Manna Beans, the Brewover is a highly versatile 3 in 1 brewer.  A Kickstarter  product to begin with, the Brewover was recently showcased in Shanghai at the Shanghai Hotelex Coffee Expo with great reviews.  The Brewover received a lot of attention and created quite the buzz.  See some of the show highlights here.

So what makes the Brewover so unique and sought-after?  The Brewover allows for traditional pour over brewing, cold drip or cold brew.  And the pour over method allows for an adjustable pour over and flow rate.  The yield is super smooth coffee, the way you like it.  Do you need to intensify the flavour? Slow down the drip rate.  It's up to you to create your perfect brew!

The Brewover comes with the following parts:

1) Lid

2) Pourover cone

3) Valve

4) Body

5) Cold Drip Basket

6) Jug/Carafe

7) Base

8) Pourover paper (Square)x 10

9) Cold drip paper (Circle) x 10

This could be the ONLY brewer you'll ever need.

  Cold drip or pourover!

Have a look at its versatility in action:

BrewOver Brewing System
Cubic Weight 5.00 kg