C150 Brita Cafe Kit

C150 Brita Cafe Kit


Serve your customers and clients BRITA filtered water and make a great impression!

This kit includes the C150KIT using the latest FINEST range of filters from BRITA to deliver clean & balanced drinking water enhancing your customers experience.

System Features:

- 3 stage Brita Purity filter for effective sediment, chemical and TH reduction.

- Blending valve on the head to adjust for softer and harder water areas.

- DIY install kit - includes all fittings included for standard install (suits any [cold water connection] mixer tap or dishwasher).

- Shut off valve on head for easy filter changes

Quality Designer Goose Neck Faucet for easy use and long life

- Multifunction Pressure Limiting T Valve for easy installation & protection.

Filter suitable for 12 months for most installations( approx 4500L)

-  Filter and head measure 42cm long

- Cafe kit includes 6 durable plastic pitchers and a set of 24 plastic cups


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