Bombora Supplies is an industry leader in the distribution of coffee machine cleaning products, barista tools & accessories, machine parts & water filtration for commercial and domestic applications. We service a nationally established wholesale and domestic customer base from our warehouse and offices based in Adamstown, Newcastle.  What differentiates us from our competitors is our people and the commitment they have to creating a great experience for our customers across all areas of the business.

At Bombora we commit to supporting our team with the right resources to deliver excellent service. This commitment combined with a group desire to achieve high standards results in great growth and a 'buzzing' work environment.
Whilst we advertise for specific jobs from time to time we are always open to talking with great people and discussing potential opportunities.
If you are interested in talking with us further please submit your resume and/or a brief email to
Below are some comments/opinions from some of our team :

"The best thing I love about working at Bombora is we are a TEAM ,  whether it is achieving a goal, resolving an error or solving a problem it’s a 'one in all in' approach !  And the environment this creates is an environment I love to work in day in day out" (Amy, Warehouse Team)

 “it’s a great environment for people who enjoy some autonomy but who also like to be part of a team.  Your job with Bombora is what you want to make it”.   (Julie, Product Development Team)

"Bombora is a company that is more like family. We all help each other to make sure the business is successful and we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service". (Emma, Customer Service Team)

"I love the constant changing & growing of Bombora. At Bombora we are problem-solvers, not problem-dwellers or problem-avoiders. I enjoy the fact our team is willing to share information, knowledge, and experience, to resolve these and grow the business.  We take the initiative & have the cooperation in the act of working with others and acting together to accomplish a job in a positive & respectful manner" (Megan, Wholesale Sales Team)

"It’s a workplace where you can be yourself and be part of a highly motivated team. Definetly the best team I have ever had the privilege of working with" (Coryne, Customer Service Team)"

" to describe Bombora’s main focus  it would have to be CUSTOMER SERVICE. Companies often talk about their willingness to embrace change in the workplace, this company goes much further in actively looking for opportunities to change not only for the betterment of our customers' experiences with us, but also for its employees" ( Karen - Wholesale Team)