Everpure MR-350 GPD RO BW Filter

Everpure MR-350 GPD RO BW Filter


The Everpure EV962707 MR-350 Replacement Filter Cartridge is a mineral reduction cartridge.


- Coffee
- Espresso
- Reconstitution
- Ice
- Flash and Conventional Steamers
- Combi Ovens


The Everpure EV962707 MR-350 Replacement Filter Cartridge improves equipment life and performance by removing at least 90% of all total dissolved solids using reverse osmosis separation technology. This reduction in TDS makes the water taste better for beverages, sauces, soups, and other food products. The MR-350 filter cartridge limits lime scale build-up in machines and equipment, and helps to maintain peak heat performance in steamers, warmers, and boilers.

Installation Tips:

- Install vertically with cartridges hanging down
- Use piping materials suitable for high-purity water
- Proper pre-treatment is required to control MR cartridge membrane scale
- Raw water hardness in excess of 7 gains per gallon should be softened to extend cartridge life
- Allow 7cm clearance for easy cartridge replacement
- Change filter cartridges every 24 months or when capacity is reached
- Always flush the cartridge at installation and at every cartridge chang

Dimensions: 63.5 cm x 8.3 cm
Pressure: 40-100 psi
Temperature: 2-38 degree Celsius

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