Everpure Pro 150 Series

Everpure Pro 150 Series


The Culligan Preferred Series 150 Water Filter

Suitable for: The Culligan Preferred Series 150 Drinking Water System. Also a suitable replacement filter for Zip filter 59000, 91240, 91241 and 91242.  Suitable for Birko 1311070 (note: will not work with 1311050), also suits Puretec Model number CC-QZP91 and cartridge AX2-EF and FI-P150-2.

About the Culligan 150 Filter: The 150 Filter cartridge uses a proven precoat filtration system with improves the taste and odour of drinking water, while also substantially reducing microscopic impurities and chemical elements.   With the precoat technology, water is exposed to a pleated semi-permeable surface coasted with an exclusive Micro-Pure filtering agent designed to remove up to 99.9% + of all particles sized 0.5 micron and larger.  In comparison to carbon block technologies or similar size, the pleated surface design typically has 5 times as much surface area.  Everpure item number EV9300-16.

The 150 cartridge filters up to 2800 litres of drinking water.  The space required is 13cm x 13cm x 38cm including 7 cm of clear space under unit for filter cartridge replacement. 

Filter Life: Depending on water usage, the Culligan 150 can last up to 12 months (or 2800 litres of water filtration). 

Suitable Replacement for: Zip 91240

Technical Specifications:

Pressure requirement: 10-125 psi

Temperature Range: 2c - 38c

Flow rate: 1.9Lpm

Reduces: chlorine tastes & odours, nominal Class I particulates, asbestos, cysts, lead, turbidity, mold and algae, oxidised iron, oxidised manganese and oxidised sulfides. 

Designed with metal walls that provide maximum resistance to surges in water pressure, preventing cracks and splitting.

Installation: the easy change system provides a clean method to replace spent cartridges with no mess.  Simply turn off water, and twist to remove and replace!

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Everpure Pro 150 Series
Item Code FI-P150
Cubic Weight 0.50 kg

10" Housing, 3/4" Female BSPT 12mm Hose to 1/4" BSPT RV adaptor
1/4 PF to 3/4 fem bsp Tap Adap 1 High 3/4" BSPT Transparent Water Filter Housing 2CB-GW Replacement Water Filter, 5 Micron - Everpure
2 litre Milk Jug 10 inch inline scale 1/4fem bsp