Monty Cup 11oz Matte White / Copper

Monty Cup 11oz Matte White / Copper


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The Monty from Fellow is a double-walled cup, designed to help you create perfect latte art using Latte Art Fluid Dynamics. Its hidden parabolic slopes help to lift crema to the top of your cup without disruption.


- Easily stackable.
- Double-Walled Ceramic: Keeps your coffee hotter for longer.
- Sleek Metal Bottom.
- Dishwasher Safe.
- Latte Art Fluid Dynamics Design.


- Materials: Ceramic body, copper coloured metal bottom.
- Capacity: 11 oz / 325 ml (approx).
- Easy Storage: Monty Cups are stackable (11 oz/6.5 oz stack together; 4.5 oz/3.0 oz stack together).

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