French Press w Bru-Stop 20oz - Brushed Steel

French Press w Bru-Stop 20oz - Brushed Steel


The French Press with Bru-Stop from Planetary Design challenges the traditional glass French press, with its double-walled,vacuum-sealed body and patented Bru-Stop press technology.

Bru-Stop press technology is designed to create a physical barrier between the grounds and the brewed coffee, once it is fully pressed down. This stops the brewing process, preventing over-extracted, bitter coffee.The Bru-Stop features a precisely placed barrier plate which hovers over the French press screen, and allows the brewing coffee to flow freely until pressed. Once pressed all the way down, the plate then recesses into the ultra-fine mesh screen frame and together they provide a barrier between thegrounds and the brewed coffee. With this innovative design, you can brew your coffee just the way you like it, without the flavour profile changing from first sip to last, due to over-extraction.

Enjoy a flavourful and hot brew for hours using the French Presswith Bru-Stop from Planetary Designs.

Material: Double-walled, vacuum insulated 18/8 StainlessSteel and BPA-free plastic
Colours: Brushed Steel, Obsidian (Black), Mountain Lake (Blue), Red, Mocha, and Red Rock (Orange)
Size: 20oz/590ml, 32oz/945ml, and 48oz/1.4L

Please note: It is recommended that this product be hand washedonly.

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French Press w Bru-Stop 20oz - Brushed Steel
Item Code TP0120
Cubic Weight 0.60 kg

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