Full Circle Descale Powder Domestic

Full Circle Descale Powder Domestic


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Coffee and espresso equipment descaling powder - 2 packets at 28 grams each

In the spirit of complete transparency, Full Circle is the only product to clearly display all of its ingredients. Full Circle goes beyond the normal standards set for organic products and offers a renewable and sustainable solution to all coffee businesses that care about their impact on the environment.

When mineral scale builds up in the hot water tank of your machine, it can clog water flow and affect the brew temperature. If not descaled over time, the machine will eventually not function.

The Full Circle descalers are designed to break down the lime scale and mineral build-up inside your brewer to ensure great, consistent coffee.

Vinegar may not effectively descale your machine and can be difficult to thoroughly rinse. Vinegar can also leave behind an odour that affects future brews.

Use as often as necessary based on local water hardness, or a minimum of every 3 months.

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Full Circle Descale Powder Domestic
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