Filter Basket, 58mm Group Double HQ 14gr+ Ridgeless

Filter Basket, 58mm Group Double HQ 14gr+ Ridgeless


58mm Group Coffee Machines Portafilter HQ 14gram+ Ridgeless Double Filter Basket

Note: This Basket Has No Locating Ridge

Espresso Parts 14g+ Ridgeless Style Double Portafilter Basket

The creation of perfect espresso doesn't stop at the group head. That was the stance Espresso Parts took when heading down the path looking for better portafilter baskets.

After testing a lot of baskets, they found that there was a particular basket in the bunch that performed better than the others. The result are these awesome portafilter baskets with a micro-fine finish, created utilizing a technique developed by the manufacturer.

The final process used in the manufacture of the baskets may be the most important. Not only does it leave a distinct sunburst pattern but the inside bottom of the baskets receive a final cleaning using a laser to remove any jagged edges after the perforation process. The result is that every hole in the basket is clear of metal debris and the holes are of even size and shape, allowing for a more even distribution of water through the extraction.

Suits many machines including Synesso, Astoria (older models), Brasilia, Faema, Gaggia, La Marzocco, Slayer, VBM (Vibiemme), VFA and Wega.

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