Handpresso Auto Black

Handpresso Auto Black


The new Handpresso Auto espresso machine - can now be used with either a E.S.E pod (7gm) or your favourite fresh ground coffee.



The Handpresso portable espresso machine is a fresh revamped version of the original 12 volt espresso maker for autos.  The Handpresso Auto allows you to have a coffee break on the road! Ease of use coupled with convenience make this a "must have" for road trips. The Handpresso Auto can be placed in the car's cup holder.  To make a great coffee on the go, just plug the machine into the 12V cigarette lighter/power receptacle, add water and a single serve, 7 gram E.S.E. pod or fresh ground coffee using the adapter. Once you've pressed the button, wait for 3 beeps and the espresso is ready.  Thanks to the 16 bar pressure mechanism, the espressos are delivered delicious and creamy. 

Have a peek at the simplicity of its design and use: 

Product Specifications:

Weight: 880g (1.94 lbs)

Size: 22 x 10 x 10cm

Pressure: 16 bar

Cycle: 2 minutes

Water reservoir capacity: 53ml (1.79 fl. oz)

Voltage: 12 volts DC

Power: 140 watt

Certification: EC, e24

Guarantee: 1 year

Tips for using:

1) Keep the engine of the car running

2) Stop at the last water level indicator when filling

3) Fold the tab of the espresso pod

4) Close the portafilter properly.  If you find it difficult, reposition the pod and try again

5) A bit of spray during the purge is normal.  It's only clear water