Handpresso Auto Capsule Set

Handpresso Auto Capsule Set


The Handpresso Auto Capsule Set is the first espresso machine set for the car to be compatible with Nespresso capsules. This neat travel pack has enough space to store sugar and capsules as well as everything that you need to be able to make delicious espresso while you travel.

Simply connect the Handpresso espresso machine to the cigarette lighter in your car, add water and a Nespresso compatible coffee capsule. In about 2.5 minutes, your espresso will be ready, tracked by a digital tracking/monitoring screen.


1 x Travel Bag
1 x Handpresso Auto Capsule
1 x Capsule case
2 x Handpresso Cups
1 x Napkin


- Pressure: up to 16 bar
- 4 stage cycle
- Digital monitoring of the preparation cycle
- Electronic water filling control
- Electronic programming
- Non-splashing nozzle


Voltage: 12/24V
Dimensions: 27.3 cm x 12 cm x 22.1 cm
12 Month Limited Warranty

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