Handpresso Outdoor Set - Pump & Flask

Handpresso Outdoor Set - Pump & Flask


Handpresso Outdoor Set - Pump and Thermo Flask.

The perfect companion for trekking, camping or any "on the go" activity.  This set includes a single-hand thermos/flask, the Handpresso Pump (which can utilise either espresso grounds or a 7 gram E.S.E. pod - not included), and 4 unbreakable cups.  Also includes 1 small napkin to help keep your set neat.  The thermos/flask is invaluable for keeping your water piping hot for longer, and the cups are lightweight and durable. 

Have a look at this great machine "In the Wild":

Product Specifications:

Case Material: foam with layered fabric

Colour: black

Size: 260 x 210 x 95mm

Weight: 1590g



Note: For information regarding cleaning and maintenance of the Handpresso unit, please refer to the Handpresso user manual. This provides useful tips to make sure that your Handpresso continues to produce a premium quality espresso time after time.

No need to use detergents or harsh chemicals. The Handpresso can be cleaned by a simple rinse with water and can be dried with a soft cloth. The Handpresso is not designed to be be put into a dishwasher or microwave (the above mentioned can change the characteristics of the machine and compromise the structural and aesthetic integrity of the unit).