Hario Teaor Tea Server 700ml

Hario Teaor Tea Server 700ml


The Hario Teaor Tea Server is the perfect way to extract the full flavour of any herbs or leaves in your favourite cup of tea ensuring your tea is perfectly infused and delicious.  Simply add tea leaves to the stainless steel basket, then position the infuser in the water.  When the tea has fully infused, simply lift the basket using the easy mechanism to stop the brewing to avoid any bitterness from over brewing.

This practical teapot is made from the highest quality borosilicate heat resistant glass.  The olive wood lid and stainless steel shaft-strainer give it a classic elegance while yielding the perfect cup of tea.

The Teaor is available in this 700ml capacity or a smaller 450ml version. 

W160 x D125 x H156mm

For full specifications on the Hario "Pull up" Tea Series, click here.

Hario Teaor Tea Server 700ml
Item Code TEO-70-OV
Cubic Weight 1.20 kg

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