Hario Travel Mug - Silver

Hario Travel Mug - Silver


The Hario V60 Travel Mug combines every facet you need for hot coffee or tea on the go:

- Insulates against burns with a double wall design

- Keeps beverages hot or cold due to outstanding insulation

- Works in conjunction with any size V60 Dripper; other drippers may not be compatible

- Is completely watertight to prevent leaks

- Stainless Steel body, Polypropylene lid, Silicone Sealant

- Dual structured makes it difficult for condensation to form

- Holds up to 350ml

- Dimensions: W74 x D74 X H156mm

Have a look at the Uchi mug in action:

Best hand-washed with warm soapy water. Not for use in microwave.