Ohaus Infrared Digital Scale

Ohaus Infrared Digital Scale


The Navigator Scale is the only one in its class with touchless sensors, freeing up your hands.  It combines the best features, versatility and performance:

- Touchless sensors free up your hands allowing for handling of samples and reducing keypad wear and tear

- Stabilisation happens in less than one second, providing accurate, quick, consistent results

- Superior mechanical overload protection system and shipping lock allows the scale to withstand loads of up to 400% of its rated capacity.  The weighing cell is also protected from damage during transporation or storage. 

Features and Specifications:

Capacity: 2100g, with readability of .1g

Platform dimensions: 194mm x 203mm

Test weight: 1kg, OIML F2 or ASTM  Class 4

Display: 6 segment Backlit Liquid Crystal LCD display, multiple icons and indicators

Communication: Optional RS232 or USB or Ethernet Interface Kits with Integrated Cables

Design Features: Up front illuminated level indicator, removable stainless steel weighing platform, menu lockswitch, integral security bracket, integral shipping lock, stability indicator, overload and underload indicators, low battery indicator, auto shutoff

Operation: AC adaptor or internal rechargeable battery (not included) or 4 C size batteries (not included)

Construction: ABS plastic housing, 304 stainless steel pan

One of the best features of this large and accurate scale is that it can accomodate a portafilter to make your weighing easy!

How to Calibrate:
1. Press and hold MENU until "Menu" is displayed. After the button is released, "C.A.L" will be displayed.
2. Press YES to accept. "SPAN" will then be displayed.
3. Press YES again to begin the calibration.
4. Display with flash "--C--" while the zero reading is stored. When the dispplay shows the calibration weight value, place a 1kg calibration weight onto the scale.
5. Display with flash "--C--" while the weight is being stored.
6. The scale will return to the previous mode and is ready for use.



Ohaus Infrared Digital Scale
Cubic Weight 4.00 kg