Pesado SS Double Portafilter E61/LM - Black

Pesado SS Double Portafilter E61/LM - Black


Pesado's Portafilter Handles are designed to endurethe harshest cafe environment, while maintaining optimum efficiency andperformance. The body and spout are made entirely out of stainless steel toincrease strength and durability and can be easily separated for cleaning. Theinner surface and the splitting curve of the spout have been designed toenhance your pour, so you get a beautiful extraction.

All alloy handles have been machined to perfection, with a smooth finish and added colour.

Available in Black and Natural Steel. 

Spout Thread: 3/8"

Suitable for: La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, E61, Wega, KVW group heads.