Pullman Barista Silicone Cone - White

Pullman Barista Silicone Cone - White


Tamp in perfect comfort with the new range of interchangeable coloured Cones from Pullman. These interchangeable Cones suit all Barista and Big Step bases, and are the perfect way to personalise your Pullman tamper!

Change colours to suit your mood or match the decor in your cafe or home kitchen.

Also available in Black, Green, Red, and Rust.

Please Note: Coloured Cones are only available for tampers above 55mm in diameter. To remove and replace, you will need a small, pointed device.

http://www.clean-machine.com.au/images/PULLCONE-WHITE_extra300px.jpg http://www.clean-machine.com.au/images/PULLCONE-WHITE_extra300px2.jpg