Replacement Water Filter suits AP8112

Replacement Water Filter suits AP8112


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The AP8112-2 is a quality replacement water filter for AP8112 designed to improve the taste and quality of your drinking water.

Suits: Aqua-Pure AP8112 (AP8000 system), Puretec Model number CC-QAP8R, and C-CYST-FF.

Filter Life: 12 Months (depending on water quality)

Technical Specs:

Min Operating Temp - 0.6c / 33F

Max Operating Temp - 38c / 100f

Min Working Pressure - 140kPa / 20psi

Max Working Pressure - 689kPa / 100psi

Rated Capacity - 5700L / 1,500 gal

Flow rate - 6lpm / 1.5gpm

Micron Rating: 1 Micron