Rhino Thumpa Knockout Tube - Small

Rhino Thumpa Knockout Tube - Small


Commercial grade bench top knockout tube.  Durability and stability were the main priorities in the design of this great coffee waste bin, well suited to domestic use.  The Thumpa can literally take a thumping!  Coffee waste bins need to be able to withstand being hit, bashed and dropped without failing.  Using high shock resistant plastics, the Thumpa's durability tests had it come out the other side with unbelievably great results.  

The flared collar allows for excess splatters to be easily captured.

The slotted bar inserts allow for easy removal of the rod and rubber set for cleaning and maintenance (see video below).

The top is removable for easy emptying OR for use in conjunction with a waste bag.

Sits 300mm high off countertop.

Helpful Tip: If you're having trouble joining the Thumpa Rod and Rubber sleevetogether, please do not bang them together. This friction can cause the twoparts to bind together. Instead, apply a small amount of olive oil or otherfood grade lubricant to the parts and join together.