1L Sweetbird Syrup Pump

1L Sweetbird Syrup Pump


This plastic bottle pump is intended for use with the Sweetbird syrup line. 

In order to keep the syrup in tip-top condition, keep the bottle sealed at all times.  You can do this with the lid or this Sweetbird pump.  This minimises the risk of contamination.

Pumps can be switched between finished bottles and a new one of the same flavour, but it should be replaced after being used on 6 bottles (1 case).  Whilst the pumps can be washed between switching, this is not recommended.  Even when thoroughly dried there is a risk of contamination. 

Keep Sweetbird syrups away from sources of heat such as espresso machines, panini grills, radiators or direct sunlight. 

Used bottles and pumps can be recycled where facilities exist

1L Sweetbird Syrup Pump
Item Code SB-PUMP1L
Cubic Weight 0.30 kg