Acaia Lunar Base Plate

Acaia Lunar Base Plate


Built for commercial and heavy cafe use, the Acaia Lunar Base Plate allows extra protection from heat and moisture for your Acaia Lunar Scale when being used in shallow drip trays.  The Base Plate prevents drips and backsplashes from interfering with the sensitive surface of the scale.

Its polycarbonate shell allows the Base Plate to move freely across slotted drip trays, reducing touch time from frequent repositioning, while the aluminium inner base replaces the existing base.

Dimensions: 110mm (W) x 78mm (H) x 110m (D)

Contents: Lunar Base, Lunar Base Outer Shell, Screws, and Hex Key

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10 micron 10" sediment filter 1L Sweetbird Syrup Pump 1/2 PF - 1/2 Female BSP Tap Adapter
10" Housing, 3/4" Female BSPT 1 High 3/4" BSPT Transparent Water Filter Housing
1/2" Shut-Off Valve - John Guest