Acaia Orion Mini - Matte White

Acaia Orion Mini - Matte White


The Orion Mini Bean Doser is Acaia's smaller version of the Acaia Orion Bean Doser, and is available in Matte White. The Orion Mini gives you precise control over your bean doses, with a smaller footprint and an updated interface. Its intuitive dial interface allows you to save three different weights and operate in a fully automatic mode. With a weighing capacity of 3000g the Orion Mini is fast and precise, with half the platform footprint as its predecessor. The Orion Mini is a great addition to any compactor busy bar environment and will help increase your workflow.


- Weight-Based Efficiency: The Orion Mini Bean Doser can dose 225g in 12 seconds and 20g in 3 seconds with an error margin of 2-3 beans.
- Fully Automatic Mode: Designed with a fully automatic mode that can continuously dose multiple containers without pressing any buttons.
- Smart Dose Settings: Comes with three dose settings for different dosing applications - Precision, Fast, and Green.
- Intelligent Dosing System: Based on previous target weights and actual outputs,the Orion Mini will automatically adjust and decrease the error margin.
- Weighing Scale Mode: The Orion Mini can function as a smart, industrial weighing scale with a 3000g capacity.
- Intuitive Dial Interface: A new dial interface with three preset modes for storing different target weights.


- Colour: Matte White
- Dimensions: 30.5cm (W) x 20.0cm (L) x 35.0cm (H)
- Weight: 2.57kg
- Hopper Capacity: 350-400g of beans
- Max. Capacity: 3000g
- Min. Capacity: 0.1g
- Measuring Units: oz, g
- Display: LED Dot Matrix Display
- Battery: Li-Ion 18650 7.4 2600mAh
- Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
- 12Vdc, 2.0A
- Warranty: 1 Year

Acaia Orion Mini - Matte White
Item Code AO202
Cubic Weight 10.92 kg