Airscape Bucket Insert suits 3.5-7Gal Buckets

Airscape Bucket Insert suits 3.5-7Gal Buckets


Preserve and protect coffee beans or other food products with Airscape preservation technology, with the Airscape Bucket Insert.

This lid uses the patented Airscape design, and suits any 3-7 gallon bucket (not included). The Airscape Bucket Insert not only forces the air out and keeps the freshness in, but is also moisture and pest resistant.

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Use the Airscape Bucket Insert:
- For roasted or green coffee beans
- For flour, rice, legumes, and other dry kitchen goods
- For pet food storageIn the barn for livestock feed
- In the yard for birdseed and feed
- In the garage or basement for long-term food storage
- As under-counter compost bucket lid to keep flies and smells away
- Use for pickling and fermenting - just squeeze the handle to burp your bucket

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