Aquapure AP9350+ Replacement Filter

Aquapure AP9350+ Replacement Filter


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The Aqua-Pure AP9350+ replacement water filter has been developed with a 0.2 micron rating ensuring you are delivered a high quality drinking water by reducing sediments, chlorine, taste & odour. No activation required which means it's easy to change your cartridge in just seconds.

Technical Specs:

- Micron rating: 0.2 micron (nominal)

- Flow rate: 3.8 lpm

- Capacity: 11,356 litres

- Temperature: 4.4-38C

- Pressure: 172-862 kPa (25-125 psi)

Filter Benefits include:

Cyst Barrier - Prevents infection.  Prevents cysts from passing through the filter.  Provides protection from Protozoan Cysts, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Reduce Sediment - Improves Clarity.  Multi-layered, graded density, carbon block improves clarity and healthiness of water by removing unwanted suspended dirt, silt and rust from old pipe-work and organic matter from run-off.

Chlorine Removal - Improves taste & odour.  High capacity pre-activated carbon, with built-in bacteria inhibitors, improves taste and odour by removing chlorine and inhibiting bacteria growth in filter media.

Reduces Bacteria - Better protection.  Filter cartridge contains high capacity multi-zone 0.2 micron membrane which reduces bacteria that are potentially present in the water supply. 

The AP9350+ fits the following systems:

AP9000+, AP9400+, AP9000, AP9300, AP9400 and AP9000CP

Also a suitable cartridge for AP9112, AP9351 and AP9151 

*Tested in accordance to manufacturer's internal laboratory standard

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