BWT bestprotect Filter - XL

BWT bestprotect Filter - XL


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BWT XL Filter - Optimal protection against scale and corrosion. The bestprotect range improves the quality of your water, but also offers critical protection to your valuable machine technology.  For example, natural water with a high salt content may cause corrosion problems or lead to scale and gypsum deposits (calcium sulphate).  BWT bestprotect filter cartridges feature an exceptionally high quality filter medium and high-end BWT technology to provide your machine technology with the best possible protection.  The cartridges are extremely effective in preventing scale and gypsum deposits, maintaining a constant pH value and preventing corrosion problems even with high sale content  Use of the Bestprotect filtration range yields consistently high quality water.  It stands for:

- Optimal protection against corrosion for machine technology

- Prevents scale and gypsum deposits

- For all hot and cold drinks

- Simple one-way system

- Exceptional filter medium for prevention of corrosion and deposits

- Can be used horizontally and vertically

- Maintains a constantly high pH value

- 100% compatible with BWT water + more filter heads

- Suits FS28N00A00

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