Beko Fridge Filter - 4874960100-2

Beko Fridge Filter - 4874960100-2

Suitable for: FFA 4874960100-2 filter suitable for Beko fridges using the longer style cartridge. This is easily identifiable by the head type, which has two 'wing' type keyways on either side of the head. This fridge filter is sometimes used in Lamona or Blomberg fridges.

About the 4874960100-2: The 4874960100-2 is a standard carbon block taste and odour filter, designed to remove chlorine, dissolved organics and particulates - The latter being a problem when it comes to some side by side fridges since sediment has been a root cause of many solenoid valves sticking (i.e. where the water dispenser has a constant drip or runs for a while after the button has been released). 
Filter Life: As with virtually all filters, the recommended life of the 4874960100-2 is 6 months.  This ensures that the quality of your drinking water remains clean tasting. 

Micron Rating: 1 Micron

Installation help: See below for help in locating the water filter cartridge.

Beko Fridge Filter - 4874960100-2
Item Code 4874960100-2
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