Beverage Dispenser Sanitiser 1kg

Beverage Dispenser Sanitiser 1kg


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Chlorine-free powder formulated to clean, sanitise and control hard water scale in chilled beverage dispensers, including granita and slushie machines.  Independently tested to kill common food pathogens. 

1) Where applicable, empty any remaining product and discard.

2) Disassemble components of dispenser and rinse in tap water.

3) Prepare solution to the ratio of one (1) scoop (30ml) of Eisofen to every 3 litres of tap water.  To ensure dilution of product, utilise whisk and jug.

4) Utilising appropriate cleaning brushes and prepared solution, clean all components as per dispenser's cleaning instructions. 

5) Allow the solution to stand for 15 minutes. 

6) Rinse all components again and reassemble dispenser components.

NOTE: Do NOT mix with soaps, detergents or other chemicals as deactivation may occur.

This product is hazardous.  Contains 30-60% Sodium carbonate and 4.9% quaternary ammonium compound.

Click here to view the Safety Data Sheet for this product.  

Beverage Dispenser Sanitiser 1kg
Cubic Weight 2.00 kg

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