BonaVita 1L Gooseneck Variable Electric Kettle

BonaVita 1L Gooseneck Variable Electric Kettle


BonaVita 1 litre Variable Temperature Gooseneck Electric Kettle has been replaced with a new & improved product Click here for a alternative

The new Brewsita Variable kettle has made a number of improvements over the BonaVita variable kettle, mainly:

* The Brewista spout is more secure, which means it doesn't break off easily like the Bonavita

* The current Brewista kettle is now in it's second generation. The software and base are far more reliable. Brewista are evolving and improving thanks to customer feedback.

* High rated element than BonaVita meaning faster heat up times

Brewista continue to impress us with improvements and new products, check out the new Artisan kettles - click here