Breakaway Heavy Duty Cleaner - 5L

Breakaway Heavy Duty Cleaner - 5L


Breakaway is a concentrated alkaline cleaner with outstanding grease cutting performance, making it particularly good for kitchens and food processing areas (certified as suitable for use in all food preparation areas).  Works well for floors and other hard surfaces. 

Features and Benefits:

For maximum effectiveness Breakaway contains high levels of detergent, alkaline builders and solvent.  In particularly greasy areas such as abattoirs, boning rooms and commercial kitchens, Breakaway excels.

The foaming level in Breakaway is medium to high, providing a long contact time for better cleaning.

Directions for use:

Use at dilution ratios of 1:10 to 1:80, depending on degree of soiling.  For general cleaning, 1:40 is recommended (1 cup cleaner to 10 litres of water).  Rinse all food contact surfaces with potable water after using cleaner.  Warm to hot water is also recommended. 

Breakaway is recommended for use manually or through a foam gun, but not for scrubbing machines due to the high foam level.  Also not recommended for cleaning aluminium; Gorilla is the preferred cleaner for aluminium surfaces. 

Technical Data:

Breakaway has a pH of 13.4 in the neat form and 11.0 when diluted 1:100.

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Breakaway Heavy Duty Cleaner - 5L
Item Code 23818
Cubic Weight 5.00 kg

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