Brew Bomb X45 Brewer

Brew Bomb X45 Brewer


The Brew Bomb X45 Brewer delivers commercial quantities of cold brew coffee, brewed to your precise specifications. With the Brew Bomb's touch sensitive control panel - the Brew Master - users are able to have complete control over their brewing variables. This innovative design enables users to craft unique brews as well as to control batch consistency.

The Brew Master control panel allows users complete control over the brewing process. Before brewing, select your desired yield, coffee quantity, brew time, and pre-infusion settings on the Brew Master control panel. The Brew Master will then calculate the desired flow rate and total amount of water to dispense to achieve your desired brew profile. With the Brew Bomb, users can brew everything from delicate, small batch Geishas to commercial batch concentrates, without compromising on quality or flavour.

The Brew Bomb has an incredibly versatile batch capacity, brewing from 10 litres up to 200 litres at a time (2.5-80 gallons), and features a drip brew process. This process proves to be a more efficient method than immersion brewing, with the ability to produce an extraction yield of up to 15% more for the same amount of ground coffee than other brewing methods. Together with it's self-filtering design and fast 15 minute clean up time, the Brew Bomb is one of the most innovative, versatile, and efficient cold brew coffee brewers in the industry.


- Patent Pending design
- 10-200 litre batch capacity
- 2hr brew cycle (min.)
- Up to 15% greater yield than other cold brew methods
- Brew commercial quantities
- Brew Master control panel
- Automatic flow rate calculation
- Control batch consistency
- Self-filtering
- Fast and easy clean up
- Now also approved by Silverchef

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