Brewista Cold Pro Permanent Filter

Brewista Cold Pro Permanent Filter


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Brewista's permanent filter is the heart of the Cold ProTM System. Making delicious cold brew coffee has never been easier! This permanent filter, made of durable, BPA-free polypropylene and a photo etched stainless steel mesh*. It can be used on its own, or together with a paper filter or the poly fiber finishing filter.

Patent number: D774,352

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*Please Note - The photo etched stainless steel portion is over molded with polypropylene (plastic). When the piece is removed from the injection molding machine, the polypropylene cools and shrinks slightly while the stainless steel does not. This shrinkage causes the stainless steel to wrinkle, but it will not affect the functionality of the permanent filter.

Brewista Cold Pro Permanent Filter
Item Code BCBPF01

10 micron 10" sediment filter 1/4 PF to 3/4 fem bsp Tap Adap
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