Brita C1000AC-AC1000 replacement Filter

Brita C1000AC-AC1000 replacement Filter


This Brita AC1000 water filter cartridge has been developed with an activated carbon block filtration which helps provide clean, fresh tasting water and significantly improves taste and odour. The fine pores of the carbon block have the ability to filter even the finest of particles (down to 0.5 micron).

Typically designed for application on water dispensers & vending machines, this filter can also be used with a
purity C head assembly as an inline water filter solution for the Brita A1000 on-line system.


- Clean, fresh water with no cloudiness and the best taste & aroma

- Particles are retained down to 0.5 micron in accordance with NSF standard 42

- Protection of equipment, significantly reduce machine down time

- Installing with Purity C head means change over are simple to handle, with rapid change system

- Integrated flush valve for easy operation and space saving design with inlet & outlet on the same side of the filter head assembly

- Suitable for use with the
Brita Purity C head (not included)


Capacity: 10,000L / 6 months

Max operating pressure: 8.6 Bar

Operating/water temperature: 4-30 degrees C

Operating Flow range: 30-180 l/h


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