Brita AquaGusto 250 Filter

Brita AquaGusto 250 Filter


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The Brita AquaGusto has been designed with hotels, restaurants, cafes, home & office coffee machines in mind. 

The AquaGusto water tank filter will enhance the flavour, appearance and aroma of your coffee.  The filter can be used in almost any coffee machine that has a water storage tank and reduces limescale deposits effectively.  It is impressively simple and easy to use and install, assisted by the filter exchange timestrip which acts as a timely reminder to change out the filter (6 months is recommended life).


- Easy to use - simply place in the tank and allow to stand

- Can be used in all conventional water tanks (no adapter & no assembly)

- Simple and immediate filtration

- Enhanced coffee flavour, aroma & apperance

- Reduces limescale deposits

- Convenient timestrip for change over indication

The AquaGusto100 will filter 100 litres*; the larger 250 AquaGusto will filter 250 litres* ; - more appropriate for higher use machines or larger water tanks.  

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* The capacities given have been tested and calculated on the basis of normal application and machine conditions. Due to external influences (e.g. varying water quality, usage and /or machine type) deviations from these results can occur.

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Brita AquaGusto 250 Filter
Item Code 1018881
Cubic Weight 0.10 kg

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