Brita C150 Finest Filter

Brita C150 Finest Filter


The Brita Purity Finest C150 has been developed for better taste and better protection. The latest technology that reduces Total Hardness & the effects of harmful Chorides whilst maintaining a perfect PH , perfect for most water conditions and ideal for stainless steel boilers.

Best used with a flow meter to ensure you can track the life of the filter. Click here for flow meter

Utilising a softening technology and the ideal mineral composition, the Brita Purity Finest range encourages the release of the quintessential aromas from the coffee beans.  Therefore, authentic espresso taste is the end result.  This process also allows a stable crema with a colour and consistency that was previously not achieved.  In a nutshell, the Brita Purity Finest range allows optimum taste to be reached. 

Other benefits from using the Brita Purity Finest:

- Reliable protection for professional coffee  machines from limescale and gypsum deposits.

- One filter head concept for ALL cartridges in the Purity C range means a rapid-change system

- Innovative locking handle and integrated flush valve for easy operation

- Sodium charged ion exchange

- Officially Watermarked

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- Watermark Certification