Brita Purity Clean Extra DW Replacement Filter

Brita Purity Clean Extra DW Replacement Filter


What is unique about the Brita Purity Extra 1200? The "Extra" technology means there are three separate filter mediums which work together to target ions in untreated water. The ions can cause limescale, streaks, marks and glass breakages if not treated. 

Brita uses a system they call "intelliBypass" technology, which allows for a consistently measured bypass of water rate, irrespective of the volumetric flow. This ensures a high water quality, particularly important in areas which can experience low water throughput rates. 

The Purity 1200 Clean Extra total demineralises an additional 44% (over 5,000 litres!) all while keeping the filter size the same.

Please Note: This item is a replacement cartridge only, not a full housing unit.  

For the Purity 1200 Clean Extra Data Sheet, click here.

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