C150 Finest Coffee Machine Water Filter Kit - Brita

C150 Finest Coffee Machine Water Filter Kit - Brita


The C150Kit uses the latest FINEST range of filters from BRITA to deliver clean drinking water that has been softened to protect household appliances such as espresso machines, irons, kettles and steamers. 

System Features:

-  3 stage Brita FINEST filter for effective sediment, chemical and TH reduction.

-  Blending valve on the head to adjust for softer and harder water areas.

-  DIY install kit - includes all fittings included for standard install (suits any [cold water connection] mixer tap or dishwasher).

-  Shut off valve on head for easy filter changes

-  Quality Designer Goose Neck Faucet for easy use and long life.

-  Multifunction Pressure Limiting T Valve for easy installation & protection.

-  10 test strips to monitor filter performance in the reduction of TH.

-  Filter suitable for 12 months for most household installations.

-  Fits in with most mixer or dishwasher taps(cold)

- Filter and head measure 42cm long

Downloads and Links:

- Installation Instructions

- Brita Purity C Finest Brochure

- Brita Purity C Bypass Table

- Choosing a Filter for Your Home Coffee Machine

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