C300 Replacement Water Filter, Purity - Brita

C300 Replacement Water Filter, Purity - Brita


The Purity C Quell ST filters have been specially developed for use in the catering, vending and coffee sector to reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thus avoiding scale deposits in the upstream appliance. The Purity filter removes heavy metal ions such as lead and copper, whilst also reducing cloudiness, organic impurities and chlorine that impair the quality and taste of the filtrate including the by-pass water. (Replaces AquaQuell33)

See how easy it is to change out your Purity filter:

- Reliable prevention of limescale buildup

- Particle retention up to 10um

- Scale protection of equipment

- Improved machine reliability with lower costs

- Dimensions are: 48cm tall by 12cm in diameter at widest point.

- Officially Watermarked

The proprietary head allows you to adjust the amount of water that is softened. This feature allows you to get the best performance out of your filter given the installation site.

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- Watermark Certification