Everpure Claris Ultra 500-M Replacement Filter

Everpure Claris Ultra 500-M Replacement Filter


The Everpure Claris Ultra 500-M Replacement Filter Cartridge is an adjustable ion-selective filter which offers tailored carbonate hardness and corrosion protection levels in potable water. It removes harmful contaminants, unpleasant odours, and bad taste from your water supply. It also removes particles down to 5 microns in size.


- Coffee/Office Coffee Service (OCS)
- Espresso
- Brewed Iced Tea
- Hot Drink Vending


The Everpure Claris Ultra 500-M Replacement Filter Cartridge offers unique water conditioning technology which combines mineral adaption, mineral stabilisation, and protection against corrosion.

This filter features a 5-stage filtration process:

1. Prefiltration
2. Carbonate hardness adjustment
3. Fine filtration
4. Highly efficient carbon block filtration
5. Solid membrane filtration


- Flow rate: 2.0 lpm (max.)
- Capacity: 3,750 L (Espresso); 4,200 L (Coffee/OCS)
- Pressure: 29-116 psi
- Temperature: 4-30 degrees Celsius
- Dimensions: 42.6  x 9.4cm

Installation Tips:

- This filter can be installed horizontally, vertically, or freestanding.
- Change your Claris Ultra Cartridge when its water volume capacity has been reached, or at least once per year.
- Always flush the new filter cartridge at the time of installation and after you've changed the cartridge, to flush out any loose carbon fines.

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