Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale - 500g

Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale - 500g


Please Note: This item has been replaced with a new version

The Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale - 500g is the perfect size to slip into your apron pocket. Convenient, lightweight, and practical, with a lid that flips down to protect the scale while it's in your pocket.  

Features include:

- Auto-off

- Tare/Calibration

- Overload protection

- 500g capacity

- 0.1g accuracy

- Modes: g/oz/ozt/dwt

- Platform dimensions: 71mm x 65mm (stainless steel)

- blue blacklit LCD display

- Power: 2 x AAA batteries (included)

- Warranty: 1 year

Some tips for use:

Place the scale on a flat, level surface. Press the ON/OFF key to switch on the scale. Wait until "0.0" is displayed, then you are ready to weigh. Place object(s) on the platform. Wait a few seconds for the display to stabilise before taking a weight reading.  You can switch between the weighing units by pressing the MODE key. Only operate the scale on a stable, vibration-free surface.

Calibration Instructions

1. Turn on the scale by pressing the [ON/OFF] key and wait until 0.0g is displayed.
Tap the [CAL] key, then CAL is displayed.
Press the [CAL] key again. The LCD will display the required calibration weight.
Place the required calibration weight on the centre of the platform. The LCD will display PASS and return to the normal weighing mode.
Remove the calibration weight and press the [ON/OFF] key to turn off the scale. Calibration is complete.

Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale - 500g
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