Everpure Coldrink/Insurice Twin Manifold

Everpure Coldrink/Insurice Twin Manifold


The Everpure EV929302 is an Everpure Coldrink/Insurice Twin Manifold designed for use with Everpure Quick-Change filter cartridges.


- Fountain
- Ice
- Coffee
- Tea
- Whole Store


The Everpure EV929302 is a commercial quality filter head designed to fit Everpure filter cartridges. This twin filter head features cartridge nesting which provides a secure, and durable fit for filter cartridges. The manifold includes an optional built-in water shut-off valve and a flushing valve makes cartridge replacement easy, as well as a built-in water pressure gauge helps to monitor proper water flow.

Includes EV953440 Everpure EC110 10" Pre-Filter Cartridge.

- Dimensions: 58.84 cm x 38.83 cm x 15.57 cm
- All wetted parts have succesfully passed NSF extraction tests

Installation Tips:

- Install vertically with cartridge hanging down
- Mounts directly onto a flat surface
- Allow 7cm of clearance for easy cartridge installation
- Always flush the filter on installation and when cartridge is replaced
- Change cartridge every 6 months

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