ESO-7 Replacement Water Filter, Softening - Everpure

ESO-7 Replacement Water Filter, Softening - Everpure


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The Everpure ESO-7 Replacement Filter Cartridge is a unique three-stage blending cartridge which provides softened, buffered, and filtered water.


- Specialty Coffee
- Espresso
- Iced Tea


The Everpure ESO-7 Replacement Filter Cartridge reduces hardness in your water that can cause minerals to build up in coffee and espresso equipment. It utilizes ion exchange resin with buffering capabilities and high capacity coconut carbon filtration. The filter allows a small amount of carbon-filtered water to bypass the softening resin to allow for proper harness in your water. The buffering action of the filter reduces chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odours. The Replacement Filter Cartridge is simple, quick, and easy to replace, with the internal filter never being exposed to handling.


- Flow rate: 1.9L (max.)
- Capacity: 2,300 L
- Pressure: 10-125 psi
- Temperature: 2-38 degrees Celsius
- Dimensions: 52.7 x 8.2cm

Installation Tips:

- Choose a mounting location suitable to support the full weight of the system when operating.
- Use a 3/8" water line to install.
- Install vertically with cartridge hanging down.
- Allow 7cm of clearance below the cartridge fore asy replacement.
- Change the cartridge when its pre-calculated water volume has been reached or at least once per year.
- Always flush the new filter cartridge at the time of installation and after you've changed the cartridge, to flush out any loose carbon fines.

ESO-7 Replacement Cartridge: EV9607-25.

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ESO-7 Replacement Water Filter, Softening - Everpure
Item Code EV960725
Cubic Weight 1.00 kg

10" Housing, 3/4" Female BSPT 1/4 PF to 3/4 fem bsp Tap Adap 10 micron 10" sediment filter
1/2 PF - 1/2 Female BSP Tap Adapter 10 inch inline scale 1/4fem bsp