EcoAqua Fridge Filter 81099 suits Fisher & Paykel

EcoAqua Fridge Filter 81099 suits Fisher & Paykel


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Suitable for: New Fisher & Paykel fridges which utilise an external fridge filter located in the bottom grill.

The EFF-6001A filter replaces: 81099

About the EFF-6001A: This replacement fridge water filter has a 1 micron rating, and is designed to improve the taste of your water. Kept in optimal working order, it yields bottled water quality on tap at just a fraction of the cost. Fridge filters are also designed to protect the internal workings of your refrigerator by controlling sediment, dirt and scale build up.

Filter life: Most refrigerator manufacturer recommends that fridge filters be replaced every 6 months or when the "change filter" light comes on. Routine water filter changing reduces servicing costs and keeps your ice and water dispenser in the best possible condition.

Micron Rating: 1 Micron

Useful tips:

Always dispense approximately 5 litres of water to flush out any trapped air or carbon fines following filter replacement.

Press and hold the "jug" and "right arrow" buttons for 4 seconds to reset the filter after changing.