EcoAqua LT1000P Fridge Filter

EcoAqua LT1000P Fridge Filter


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The EcoAqua EFF-6046A is a quality replacement water filter for LG refrigerators. This filter is a replacement filter for the LT1000P, the LT1000P-2, the ADQ74793501, and the MDJ64844601.

The EFF-6064A ensures that your drinking water is clear, clean, and that it tastes great. It also reduces contaminants from your water supply and improve the quality of your tap water.


- Operating Temperature: 0.6-38C
- Operating Pressure: 140kpa-689kpa
- Capacity: 757 litres
- Flow Rate: 1.9 Lpm
- Micron Rating: 1 Micron

This replacement water filter is compatible with the following LG fridges:

- ADQ74793501
- ADQ74793503
- GF-D708BSL
- GF-L708PL
- GF-V708BSL
- SG-5I700TSL
- LMXS30796S
- LMXS30796D
- LMXC23796S
- LMXC23796D
- LFXS30796S
- LFXS30796D
- LMXS28626D
- LFXC24796D
- LFXC24796S
- LSXC22396S
- LSXS26396S
- LSFXC22396D


- Chlorine taste and odours
- Lead, Mercury, asbestos, and Benzene
- Particulates
- Sediment

EcoAqua LT1000P Fridge Filter
Item Code EFF-6046A
Cubic Weight 0.30 kg