Espro Press P5 Glass Press

Espro Press P5 Glass Press


The P5 press by Espro has been crafted to create a better and safer coffee and tea experience

Perfect Press Coffee

Two filters deliver perfect, grit free French press coffee. Add, an optional paper filtration option to deliver an oil-free pour-over style brew, with ease. Designed with a glass side wall, you can see your favourite brew interacting with the double micro-filter technology, while you wait for the flavours of your favourite roast to brew.


- Coffee press inclu
des double-microfilters with twist-lock for easy separation, and 25-unit starter-pack of paper-filters

- Schott-Duran made-in-Germany glass, 40% thicker than industry standard French presses, with functional form to automatically close and seal the tea filter to prevent over-extraction; patent-pending safety-lock robotically assembled to ensure precise placement

- Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free

- Patented and global patents pending

Espro Press P5 Glass Press
Item Code ESPROP5
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