Everpure 4SI Replacement Filter Cartridge

Everpure 4SI Replacement Filter Cartridge


The Everpure EV960651 4SI filter cartridge provides sediment filtration for premium quality water for ice applications down to 0.5 micron in size.


- Ice


The Everpure EV960651 effectively filters dirt and particles as small as half a micron in size out of the water supply for ice machine applications. This filter cartridge utilises depth filtration and Fibredyne media for superior dirt-holding capability.

The 4SI filter leaves chlorine and chloramines within the water that is supplied to equipment which helps to reduce slime growth within the ice machine. This helps to reduce machine maintenance, service costs, and downtime caused by scale build-up and general maintenance of machine parts.

Sanitary replacement of this cartridge is simple and clean, with no internal filter parts exposed to handling or contamination. Designed for use with Pentair Everpure Insurice and Insurice PF Manifold Systems.

- Dimensions: 36.83 cm x 8.26 cm
- Capacity: 56,700 litres
- Pressure: 10-125 psi
- Temperature: 2-38 degree Celsius

Installation Tips:

- Install vertically with cartridges hanging down
- Allow 7cm clearance for easy cartridge replacement
- Change filter cartridges every 6 months or when capacity is reached
- Always flush the cartridge at installation and at every cartridge change

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