Everpure CSR Quad SEN Upgrade Kit

Everpure CSR Quad SEN Upgrade Kit


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The Everpure EV943765 is a high flow CSR Quad SEN upgrade kit. This kit expands existing CSR Quad installations.


- Multiple equipment and combination applications
- High volume installations


The Everpure EV943765 is an easy upgrade for existing high flow CSR Quad installations such as a High Flow Triple Combo, Central Water System, orUni-Mount. Exclusive Fibredyne II media provides chlorine taste and odour reduction,with micro-filters reducing small particles and dirt as small as 0.2 micron in size.

This system utilises Everpure 2SR-BW Phosphate Cartridges for scale reduction and is NSF certified to reduce cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Its high capacity allows the system to keep up with high water demands and allows longer periods of time in between filter cartridge replacements.

- Pre-Treatment Unit Dimensions: 68.5 cm x 32.3 cm
- 2SR-BW Dimensions: 68.5 cm x 32.3 cm
- Capacity: 757,082 litres
- Pressure: 10-120 psi
- Temperature: 2-38 degree Celsius
- Operating Weight: 29kg
- NSF Certified


- Choose a mounting location capable of safely supporting the full weight of the system when in operation
- Use a 3/4" water line
- Connect fountain equipment to the outlet before the Everpure 2SR-BW Cartridge
- Connect coffee brewer and ice machines after the Everpure 2SR-BW Cartridge
- Install vertically with cartridges hanging down
- Change filter cartridges every 12 months or when capacity is reached
- Always flush the cartridge at installation and at every cartridge change

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