Everpure Claris Cartridge XXL

Everpure Claris Cartridge XXL


The Everpure EV4339-14 is an extra, extra large size Claris Replacement Cartridge.  This replacement cartridge has adjustable ion-selective filters to tailor to carbonate hardness levels in potable water.

- Coffee
- Espresso
- Hot Drink Vending
- Combi Steamers
- Self-Cooking Systems
- Steam Cookers and Ovens
- Brewed Iced Tea

The Everpure EV4339-14 Replacement Cartridge removed harmful contaminants,unpleasant odours and tastes from the water supply. This filter removesparticles down to 5 micron is size for high equipment protection.

The EV4339-14 features a five-stage filtration process:
1.  Pre-filtration
2. Carbonate hardness adjustment
3. Fine filtration
4. Highly efficient carbon block
5. Solid membrane filter

- A PLV (Pressure Limiting Valve) must be installed on the water supply
side of this filter system.
- This filter system can be operated free standing, lying horizontally, ormounted vertically.
- The Shut-off valve must be installed upstream of the filter.
- Always flush the filter cartridge at the time of installation and cartridge change.
- Cartridge is to be replaced once capacity is reached, or every 12months.

Flow rate: 3.7 lpm (max.)

Capacity: 11,000 litres (espresso); 13,200 (OCS/Coffee)

Pressure: 29-116 psi

Temperature: 4-30 degrees Celsius 

Dimensions: 47.1 cm x 17.5 cm

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Everpure Claris Cartridge XXL
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