Everpure Claris Prime Filter

Everpure Claris Prime Filter


The Everpure Claris Prime Replacement Filter Cartridge is a high-capacity adjustable ion-selective filter which offers tailored reduction of total dissolved solids, chlorides, and sulphates.

 It protects equipment from scale and mineral-induced corrosion in areas with high total dissolved solids (TDS), chloride (Cl-), and sulphate (SO4) content in the water supply.


- Coffee
- Espresso
- Direct Injection Combi Ovens
- Hot Drink Vending


The Everpure Claris Prime offers unique water conditioning technology which combines mineral adaption, mineral stabilisation, and protection against corrosion. It protects equipment from scale and mineral-induced corrosion in areas with high TDS, chloride, and sulphate, and removes contaminants, odours, and tastes.

This filter features a 6-stage filtration process:

1. Prefiltration
2. Hardness adjustment
3. Anionic mineral adjustment
4. Fine filtration
5. Highly efficient carbon block filtration
6. Solid membrane filtration


- Flow rate: 3.79 lpm (max.)
- Capacity: 4,750 L (Espresso); 2,110 L (Direct Injection Combi Ovens)
- Pressure: 29-116 psi
- Temperature: 4-30 degrees Celsius
- Dimensions: 47.1  x 17.5cm

Installation Tips:

- This filter can be installed horizontally, vertically, or freestanding.
- Change your Claris Ultra Cartridge when its water volume capacity has been reached, or at least once per year.
- Always flush the new filter cartridge at the time of installation and after you've changed the cartridge, to flush out any loose carbon fines.
- Shut-off valve must be installed upstream of the filter.

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Everpure Claris Prime Filter
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